Prep Hockey Burlington


Offering U12-18u Prep Hockey in Halton for the 2022-2023 Season.
Eligible Blyth students can attend camp.

* Six – Tournament Junior and NCAA showcase format (NESHL) 25-30 games.

* Presentations and tour of prospective schools in the USA and Canada

* Two spring tournaments (optional)

* Additional games versus other top private schools. 15- 20 games.

* Stats and recruiting package for each player

* Opportunities to train/practice with Jr A team in our network

* 120 + hours of practices

* High Performance Off Ice training (40+ hrs)

*Practice jerseys, track suit, gloves, pants                                                                      

 * Professional coaches and support staff

* In house services from our training partners

* Georgetown Raiders Jr. A affiliates for players to practice throughout the season. 

* Cognitive training: Neuro Tracker is the world’s most scientifically-validated cognitive training technology trusted by elite athletes and professional athletes around the world to increase brain performance. This will translate to real world increases in processing speed, mental fatigue and decision-making abilities