With the Blyth Athletics and Blyth Academy we have combined Sports and Academics. We take pride in teaching players the fundamentals of their sport to allow you to succeed on the field and ice, and support and instruction in small classrooms to succeed in school. 

What Makes Our Program Successful?

●    Students participate in sport specific training five days a week, with one hour practices, Monday through Friday. Athletes benefit from access to daily coaching  
●    Conditionings program for each player, utilizing our expansive and well-equipped weight training facility and the industry leader in complete athlete training
●    Three fully-equipped training facilities (Three ice rinks, two indoor soccer fields, a golf simulator, baseball pitching/hitting stations and a training gym at our academic centre)    
●    Conacher Athletics emphasizes the fundamentals of skill development and execution, body conditioning and tactics for physical and mental development     
●    Top-level coaching staff, including former AHL, OHL, NCAA, Professional as well as  International Coaches     
●    All of our players benefit from the unique combination of top-level academics and top-level athletic training. Student-athletes are able to participate in their sport with support from our Academic partner Blyth to meet and exceed Ontario standards
●    Athletes can log in to their student accounts while on the road, check their homework assignments, download notes and review sheets, and stay current with academic expectations.     
●    Support and preparation for SATs and course selection to be the most prepared for all post secondary institutions     
●    Staff of good character, with competence in teaching technical skills and who possess the ability to motivate and relate positively to student athletes     
●    We celebrate the joy of competition and the benefits of physical fitness    
●    Develop individual athletes that are constantly improving, hard–working, disciplined and schooled in the fundamental aspects of the game     
●    We provide a safe environment for all athletic activities    
●    We produce Athletes that are competitive and strive to win     
●    Blyth Athletes demonstrate respect for opponents, officials and the rules of competition    

●    Builds the foundation of power, strength and aerobic conditioning for a specific sport 

●    Incorporates sport-specific targeted exercises and drills 

●    Offers sport-specific conditioning drills

What are the benefits of sport-specific training?

●    Increased speed 

●    Increased agility 

●    Improved conditioning 

●    Injury prevention

Each sport has different demands for duration of activity, recovery time and movement requirements. Sport-specific drills and conditioning that address these demands allow the athlete to practice, and in turn, improve his or her response to these demands.