Blyth U16 Player Michael Miele selected in OHL Draft

For a school with so many excellent allumni it was exciting to have from its own Hockey program the first drafted player coming dricet from our prep hockey program. Michael Miele from the Blyth South U16 team was selected by the Erie Otters in the OHL Draft. This is evidence that the Prep school hockey programs in Canada are producing players worthy of consideration not only for NCAA but also the OHL.

Michael came to Blyth Academy 2 years ago and has worked hard to refine his skills and be a top athlete at the school. With the level of professional coaching and competion from across a wider spectrum he was able to develop into a smart hockey player on and of the ice. With Prep Hockey schools being a newer option in Ontario it is very impresive to have students coming out of Blyth Academys Sports programs who can play at the next level and we celebrate and recognize Michaels hard work and utilizing the program to meet a goal of his. we look forward to your continued success and for others in our program as well to meet there goals of playing at the next level.